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    Chauffeurcars Short Long Term Hires

    Cars for Stars (Cardiff) - Short & Long term Hires

    Short and Long Term Hires of Chauffeur Driven Cars including Jaguar, Mercedes, BMW and LexusWhatever the reason, many individuals or companies often require the services of an organisation providing chauffeur driven cars or people carriers on a short term, temporary basis, or something a little longer. Cars for Stars is well placed to service the needs of the companies, with a wide range of vehicles to select from and experienced, fully licensed vehicles and chauffeurs.

    In addition to chauffeur driven cars and people carriers, Cars for Stars (Cardiff) have available a range of American stretched limousines for hire. We cover the entire CF postcode area.

    Short Term Hires

    Cars for Stars (Cardiff) offer preferential rates for individuals, organisations and companies that are looking to hire chauffeur driven cars, people carriers or indeed stretched limousines on a short term basis. Our customers can choose from a broad range of vehicles and then hire them on a weekly, monthly or on a longer term basis.

    This type of service is ideal for individuals that have had their drivers licence suspended for a short period, companies looking to cover a short-term requirement because of staff illness, holidays an so on. Alternatively, it may be an important overseas visitor, or a need to find a more cost-effective solution to hiring taxis and using trains. It often the cars, that when more than one passenger is travelling and for longer journeys, Chauffeur driven Mercedes Viano people carrier - Up to 7 passengers in comfort, from Cars for Stars (Cardiff)it is less expensive to hire a chauffeur driven car than it is to hire a metered taxi. In fact, it can even be less expensive than having to book a plane or train ticket at the last minute.

    Cars for Stars customers can choose from a range of cars which includes, but is not limited to, the excellent and high-cost-effective Chrysler 300, the Mercedes E Class, the long wheel based versions of the all new Jaguar XJ and Mercedes S Class, as well as the BMW 7 Series or Audi A8. Where required, we can also hire our clients a Rolls Royce Phantom or Bentley Arnage.

    Cars for Stars believe that it is always worth reminding everyone that, calculated on a daily basis (or for longer journeys), it can actually cost less to hire a chauffeur driven cars, than a metered taxi cab. In fact, chauffeur cars, can be an excellent add-on to any organisations ground transportation options.

    Long Term Hires

    Long term hires can take many forms and are often for periods in excess of 6 weeks, but sometimes extending to a year or more, where customers outsource their in-house chauffeur services. All long term hires are managed by our Head Office, based in central London, they can be called on 0845 500 3030.

    Cars for Stars Limited offer very favourable rates to companies and individuals looking to hire a chauffeur driven car (people carriers, limousines etc) on a long term basis, normally at least 6 weeks. We can also provide, depending on the hire period, further flexibility, for example providing an undertaking in terms of providing, wherever practicable, the same chauffeur and/or providing the same vehicle, perhaps even on an exclusive basis. Our long term clients can select from the group of vehicles referred to above, or, if they are outsourcing their chauffeur services for a period of one year or more, Cars for Stars Limited will provide, within reason, any vehicle preferred by the customer (terms and conditions will apply).

    Because Cars for Stars Limited believe they can offer an 'outsourced' chauffeur car service to companies and individuals at less than it would cost a business to employ their own chauffeur, purchase a vehicle etc., they are keen to discuss this aspect with any business, corporation or individual. Cars for Stars Limited can be contacted by telephone on 0845 500 3030.

    Outsourced Chauffeur Services

    If you currently operate your own chauffeur cars and employ chauffeurs, then it may be worth considering the possibility of outsourcing your chauffeur services. Cars for Stars Limited believe that it can offer the same level of service, reliability and standards, at less than it costs the average company who utilise their own in-house service. In addition, there is no need to be concerned about issues of depreciation, vehicle reliability or staff holidays and sickness, because a company, such as Cars for Stars will already have taken these matters into account. Please call us on 0845 500 3030 for further information.

    Cardiff Congestion Charge Chauffeur driven long wheel Jaguar XJ (LWB) for hire

    Based in London? Because Cars for Stars Limited is Licensed for Private Hire by the Public Carriage Office, all of our vehicles are exempt from the London Congestion charge. This can offer substantial savings to individuals and organisations using top of the range vehicles in central London.

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